We provide all design services from the project proposals and structure concept submission to work projects and building commissioning.

We have extensive experience in apartment building renovation, as well as public building reconstruction/overhaul fields.

We provide public, industrial building, as well as individual home design services.

We prepare detailed plans for the territories.


Types of design works:

PROJECT PROPOSAL is a sketch project based on providing concept of created object, to express the main idea of the designed structure solutions. Project proposals are presented as a material for preparation of the technical task and obtaining of design conditions.

Composition of project proposals in each particular case is decided by the builder. In general case project proposals include drawings or schemes to illustrate the idea of a building’s architecture, basic engineering systems’ solutions or their description.

TECHNICAL PROJECT is an integral document, based on which:

  • the newly constructed or reconstructed / repaired object design is carried out in coordination with the relevant authorities according to the law;
  • examination of the project is carried out (when required or when requested by the Builder);
  • a building permit is obtained;
  • building construction contractor is selected;
  • work project is being prepared;
  • construction products and equipment are selected according to the technical specifications; construction work is done in accordance with the work project;
  • built structure and the quality of the construction works is evaluated (according to the technical specifications);
  • in cases provided by the construction law, built structure receives completion act or declaration confirming the completion of the construction by marking the Technical specifications of the technical project with the seal “Constructed as follows”.


WORK PROJECT is a document, based on which, after the evaluation of the technical project technical specifications:

  • building structures’ and engineering systems’ elements are being produced, manufacturer prepares detailed production drawings according to the work project drawings;
  • construction works are carried out;
  • in cases provided by the construction law, built structure receives completion act or declaration confirming the completion of the construction by marking the drawings of the work project with the seal “Constructed as follows”.


TECHNICAL WORK PROJECT is a document according to which technical project and work project objectives are achieved.



Consultations on various architectural matters:

  • design
  • engineering
  • tender organization of construction works
  • preparation of contracts


Project implementation supervision is a builder’s organized, designer’s performed construction supervision which aims to ensure that the building is being constructed according to the project and that building architecture designed in the project is being implemented.

Structure project implementation supervision is required by the project execution supervision order (ART 1:09:04:2007) for special buildings (building category) that are being constructed, reconstructed or overhauled, and all buildings when construction work is carried out in a protected area.


We are ready to apply our experience and professional knowledge for constructive cooperation.