Daugiabutis Vilniuje


To design 4-storey Class A residential building, the part of the planned residential and commercial complex.


The house is designed in a conversion territory. The building in the site is oriented in such way that the views of green Šeškinė hill and the Old Town can be seen from the upper floors. The semi-underground garage is designed in the site; the private yard of the residential building is constructed on it. 1st floor is raised higher than the street. Privacy in 1A apartments and terraces is ensured. Two-storey apartments with open terraces are on the upper floors.

The planes of the balconies, which are installed according to the perimeter of the building, perfectly protect against direct sunlight during the summer. The maximum amount of light gets into the rooms through high windows. Glazed balconies perform the function of the double facade – they create a transitional climate between the outside and the inside.

Type of construction

New of construction




Public, Residential