Medical building


To renovate part of the building to shape new premises, including a new 7-floor extension for the operation of a biobank, a cell therapy centre and a centre for good manufacturing practices and blood donation. To design the building in accordance with the Technical Construction Regulations and the Client’s requirements.


The aim is to integrate the building into the urban environment of the Santariškės Medical Complex and to improve the visual quality of the immediate environment. The exterior finishes will be made of modern, high-quality materials – HPL sheet finishing panels; the lower part of the building will be grey, the blank areas of the upper part will be white, the staircases – burgundy, with a mostly glass window system. The glass window system is finished with white horizontal slats. The arrangement of the windows and the façade cladding finishing panels will reduce the visual scale of the building. The building has contemporary architectural and typological features characteristic of the period.

Type of construction

Technical design